HR Executive

 Academic Qualification


 Graduate in any discipline



 5-7 years


 A) Job Requirements :

 • Proven work experience as an HR Executive or similar role.
 • Familiarity with human resources management systems and application of tracking system.
 • Experience with full cycle recruiting.
 • Good knowledge of labour legislations (particularly employment contracts, Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act,1970 and rules frames thereunder, PF, ESI, Gratuity, Bonus, Leavesand insurance.
 • Demonstrate leadership abilities.
 • Sound communication skills.

 B) Job Responsibilities :

 • Design compensation and benefits package.
 • Implement performance review procedures (e.g. monthly, quarterly, and annual)
 • Develop fair HR policies and ensure employees understand and comply with them.
 • Implement effective sourcing, screening and interviewing techniques.
 • Assess training needs and coordinate learning and development initiatives for all employees.
 • Monitor HR department’s budget.
 • Act as the point of contact regarding labour legislation issue.
 • Manage employees’ grievances.
 • Create and run referral bonus programme.
 • Measure employee retention and turnover rates.
 • Oversea daily operations of the HR Department.