Quality & Technical Manager

 Academic Qualification


 M.Sc.( Chemistry)



 10-15 years

 Job Responsibilities





 Responsibility –
 • In-charge of the day-to-day functioning of lab.
 • Carry out test strictly as per standard test methods.
 • Ensuring technical validity of results.
 • Control of calibration of test equipment, standards & reference materials.
 • Preventive maintenance of test equipment & apparatus.
 • Effectiveness in functioning of lab.
 • Estimation of uncertainty in measurement.
 • Control of test data.
 • Ensure participation in Inter-lab comparison & proficiency testing.
 • Identification, monitoring & maintaining lab environmental conditions.
 • Ensure confidentiality of customer information & proprietary rights.
 • Planning day-to -day lab activities.
 • To conduct all cross checks, quality control checks, repeatability tests and to initiate appropriate corrections / corrective actions in case of nonconforming calibration work / undesirable situations.
 • Controlling of records pertaining to the activities in technical department.
 • Where applicable, carry out in-house calibration of test equipment.
 • Ensuring adequate training of the personnel under control.
 • Ensure proper health, safety & housekeeping in the lab.
 • Reviewing the reports of internal / external audits & minutes of MRM to ensure timely completion of actions pertaining to the technical department.

 Authority –

 • Authorized to handle all test equipment & standards.
 • To select, approve and commission test methods.
 • He shall act as Authorized signatory for Test Reports.
 • He shall provide opinions & interpretations of test results on test reports whenever required.
 • To assign Technical Assistant for testing work.
 • To review the nonconforming test work.
 • To initiate appropriate resolution / corrective / preventive actions in the case of complaints, to communicate with the customer as required.
 • To assess training imparted to the technical staff.
 • Member of MRM.



 Responsibility -

 • To ensure that management system is always implemented and followed.
 • To control the management system documentation and its changes.
 • To monitor and control management reviews and post management review activities.
 • To plan, organize record and analyze internal audits.
 • To report the internal / external audits to Managing Director.
 • To follow up on timely closing of findings of the internal /external audits.
 • To monitor corrective & preventive actions.
 • To emphasize need of maintaining confidentiality.
 • To monitor and control training activities.
 • To maintain record pertaining to the management system.

Authority – • To prepare and issue management system documentation and its changes.
• To prepare & issue agenda and minutes of MRM.
• To plan the internal audits.
• To verify and close Nonconformance reports.
• To liaise with the external parties on the matters pertaining to the management system.
• Member of MRM.