Academic Qualification


 Graduate or Post Graduate degree in Microbiology.



 3-5 years


 Job Responsibilities.

 • Microbiological Sampling (Bioburden test,Swab test) Testing and Reporting.
 • Outdoor sampling.
 • Observation on daily basis micro lab & instruments cleaning .
 • Maintaining records of instrument maintenance validation, calibration etc;
 • Inhouse calibration of instruments (pH meter, analytical weighing balance)
 • Routine sub culturing and biochemical test of CRMs (Pure Culture)
 • Performing routinely environment and surface monitoring in different area of microbiology section.
 • Performing routinely fumigation in different area of microbiology section.
 • Conduct intermediate checks of instruments viz. Biological incubators, fungal incubator, pH meter Analytical weighing balance, water bath, Refrigerators, Autoclave, Microscope etc;.
 • Calibration of glassware and instruments in micro lab.
 • Media Preparation and autoclaving.
 • Planning, Performing and participate in ILC programmes.
 • Participating in Proficiency Testing.
 • Perform Replicate Testing routinely.
 • Raising indent for micro lab requirement, maintaining stock records of media .
 • Growth Promotion Test of new media.
 • Preparation of documents for NABL Audit, EIA.
 • Carrying out marine monitoring analysis, reporting and preparation of documents for pre and post marine monitoring activities.
 • Carrying out Bio-assay testing, reporting and preparation of relevant documentation.